Paso Robles roads about to get a bit smoother

The corner of Red Cloud Road and Rose Lane is an example of the poor road conditions on Paso Robles’ east side.
The corner of Red Cloud Road and Rose Lane is an example of the poor road conditions on Paso Robles’ east side.

Nearly $1 million in road repairs are coming to 45 blocks in Paso Robles near the first of the year.

The Paso Robles City Council recently approved large contracts to fix hotspots and do slurry seal work on various streets in two separate projects. The work is estimated to begin in December and wrap up four to six months later, depending on how much it rains. Delays are expected during brief road closures.

The repairs are part of the city’s recent push to repave its streets after they were neglected and left crumbling in many areas during the recession.

The neighborhood projects are being funded with a mix of public funds led by a bump in gasoline sales tax money the state is returning to cities statewide after borrowing the funds in 2010 to help fill the deficit, officials said.

Elsewhere in the city, roadwork has been underway using a supplemental sales tax increase approved by voters in 2012 for road repairs. That money has funded repaving work on main thoroughfares through town and feeder streets into those roads. Shoppers in Paso Robles pay an 8 percent sales tax with the new measure in place.

“The council said, ‘Let’s do some neighborhood streets with the gas tax and transit funds ... since the supplemental sales tax revenue is going to a lot of main roads through town,’ ” city capital projects engineer Ditas Esperanza said of the new projects.

The $728,213 contract to conduct slurry seal work on neighborhood roads was awarded to Souza Construction in San Luis Obispo.

The fixes are targeted in an eastside neighborhood off South River Road and west of Nickerson Drive and Centennial Park. Some of those streets include Navajo Avenue, Cheyenne Drive, Mohawk Court and Shoshone Drive.

The $235,000 contract to fix hotspots, also awarded to Souza Construction, will specifically target potholes throughout the city that were temporarily patched during the recession. Nine hotspot locations have been identified, for damaged asphalt in all shapes and sizes.

“Now we will permanently repair them so maintenance is not going out to fix them over and over again,” Esperanza said. Some hotspots on the fix-it list include Ramada Drive at Highway 46 West, Niblick Road at Woodland Plaza and 24th Street at Park Avenue. For a full list, visit the city’s website at http://www.prcity.com/.

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