Templeton stabbing victim had been planning move

Tina Marie Beddow with her niece, Stellar Garcia.
Tina Marie Beddow with her niece, Stellar Garcia.

A Templeton woman who was stabbed to death last week had planned to leave the live-in boyfriend who is now accused of her murder, her sister said.

“She told me that she was having a really hard time with his grandson,” said Sabrina Garcia, 25, who lives in Oregon. “They would get in fights about (the grandson) a lot.”

Phillip Hanes, 58, appeared Tuesday in court, where he was appointed a public defender and pleaded not guilty. He was charged with murder after allegedly stabbing Tina Marie Beddow, 32, in his home.

Beddow had called 911 on June 4, saying she had been attacked in a domestic dispute.

After police arrived, she was able to offer a dying declaration identifying Hanes as the culprit, according to law enforcement officials. Also inside the home at the time of the stabbing was Hanes’ 5-year-old grandson, whom he had been taking care of.

That grandson was the cause of friction between Beddow and Hanes, her sister said.

Despite the arguments about the boy and Hanes’ drinking, Garcia said, she’d never known Hanes to be violent toward her sister.

“She never said anything about ever being afraid of him,” she said.   

Sister’s memories

Beddow grew up in Eureka, where she was active in clubs during high school. Her favorite was drama.

“She was really sweet,” Garcia said. “She was really pretty. She was fun to be around. She was outgoing. Talkative. She loved being the center of attention.”

Only 5-foot-1, Beddow had spunk, her sister said. “She had a lot of attitude, especially for a tiny person.”

At one time, Garcia said, her sister, who is survived by three siblings, attended beauty school but didn’t finish.

“She loved doing hair and makeup,” Garcia said.

Beddow loved to take photos, her sister said, and she was good at planning parties — so good that she and her sister discussed going into business together as party planners.

“She was so creative,” Garcia said.

Beddow spent much of her time writing and reading, her sister said. And she often helped Garcia, seven years her junior, with homework while Garcia was in school.

Beddow was once married to a firefighter in Eureka. And she had children at a young age. Those two children, 14 and 11, did not live with Beddow at the time of her death.

Logan Yost, a friend from high school, said he recently reconnected with Beddow, formerly known as Tina Stewart, through Facebook.

“She was still the same, optimistic, kind person she was then,” Yost wrote in an email to The Tribune. “I often notice how time changes people, but Tina still had the same smile on her face that she did back then.”

How they met

Beddow met Hanes through a friend — Hanes’ daughter — in Eureka. Hanes was 26 years older than Beddow.

“He’s older than my mom,” Garcia said. “Maybe she found that comforting.”

She moved to Templeton less than a year ago, Garcia said. Hanes is a former PG&E technician, but has not worked for the company since 2012, PG&E spokesman Blair Jones said.

Garcia wanted to talk positively about her sister, but she acknowledged that Beddow had a “rough past.”

“Phil helped her get better,” she said. Then she added, “I didn’t expect him to do anything like this.”

The couple would occasionally bicker. Beddow left for Eureka in March, intending to leave Hanes. But he talked her into returning to Templeton, Garcia said.

The last time she spoke to Beddow, Garcia said, her sister said Hanes had called her names while drinking the night before, but she didn’t appear to be worried. Beddow had planned on returning to Eureka at the end of the month, Garcia said.

A law enforcement source familiar with the case said Hanes claimed it was Beddow who pulled a knife on him during a dispute about Beddow leaving. But Garcia doesn’t believe that.

“That doesn’t sound like something my sister would do,” she said.

Beddow’s death brings a new tragedy for Garcia to face. She said she is still struggling with the unexpected death of her 53-year-old father from brain cancer a year ago.

While Beddow grew up in Eureka, her family now lives in Oregon. They are hoping to raise money through the website Crowdrise.com to pay for Beddow’s burial costs.

“My mom wants her body back up here so everybody can say their final goodbyes,” Garcia said.

Meanwhile, friends have posted photos and shared memories of Beddow on Facebook. Those memories reflect more pleasant moments.

“To find that anyone so young has died is a shock,” Yost told The Tribune. “But to discover it was at the hands of someone she trusted and loved is simply terrible. She deserved a lot better than this.”

Although Hanes appeared to help her sister at one point, Garcia is now angry at him for allegedly killing her sister.

“I hope he pays for it,” she said. “And I hope he has a miserable time in prison.”

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