Flight delays and cancellations hit SLO airport as San Francisco deals with construction

If you’re planning to fly between San Luis Obispo and San Francisco anytime soon, expect delays and cancellations.

“Pretty much everything for San Francisco is not happening,” said Craig Piper, assistant director for the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.

The second-longest runway at San Francisco International Airport closed on Saturday for runway reconstruction, and isn’t expected to reopen until Sept. 27, according to the airport.

“They’re down to one runway for arrivals and one runway for departures,” Piper said. “That’s had a major impact on our flights going to and from SFO.”

United Airlines operates four flights daily in each direction between San Luis Obispo and SFO, Piper said.

“What I heard from them (United) is they would anticipate at least two of the flights being canceled or significantly delayed,” Piper said. “It affects our community quite a bit.”

Piper said that two of four flights were canceled on Monday.

As of Tuesday afternoon, three of the four arriving flights had been canceled and two of the departing flights had been canceled, according to the airport’s website. One flight, at 6 a.m., appeared to have departed, while another, scheduled to depart at 5:47 p.m. Tuesday, was listed as delayed.

Piper said that the delays and cancellations were affecting arrivals and departures equally, and travelers should anticipate delays until construction is finished.

Piper urged travelers going on a San Francisco flight to check in with United, which is the sole commercial airline that operates flights between SFO and the San Luis Obispo airport.

United is offering a travel waiver to passengers affected by the delays, and recommends that passengers check their flight status before going to the airport.

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Gabby Ferreira is a breaking news and general assignment reporter at The Tribune in San Luis Obispo. A native of Houston, Texas, she was a reporter in Tucson, Arizona; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Palm Springs, California, before moving to San Luis Obispo County in 2016.