Fugitive cockatiel is a jail bird no longer. He’s been reunited with his Santa Barbara family

He’s a jail bird no more.

Only a few days after a convict cockatiel made headlines for his daring break into the Santa Barbara County Jail, the feathered fugitive has been reunited with his owners.

According to a Thursday news release, the bird — whose name is “Sammy” — was returned to his family on Thursday.

The bird’s primary owner is a 9-year-old named Mohammad Altayeb, whose reunion with Sammy was filled with “tears of happiness,” according to the release.

The bird had escaped from an open window at their home near the jail last week, according to the release. Sammy’s family apparently saw local news coverage of his jail visit and reached out to the Sheriff’s Office to confirm that he was their missing pet.

“The family will be forever grateful for the care the Sheriff’s Office provided to Sammy, and everyone’s efforts to return him home,” read the release.

Now that Sammy is back home, the family will surely be keeping a closer eye on the bird, lest he decide it’s time for another freedom flight any time soon.

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