More human remains found in Morro Bay, SLO Sheriff’s Office investigating

More human remains have been found in the area where Caltrans unearthed a human skull on Thursday, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to spokesman Tony Cipolla, Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue teams concluded their search of that area on Friday, and found additional remains they believe belong to the same individual.

Caltrans initially found a skull at the Highway 1 and Morro Bay Boulevard interchange while performing routine landscaping.

A Sheriff’s Office forensic pathologist estimated that the skull had been in the area for between several months to a year, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release.

The skull and remains were discovered a short distance away from the remnants of a transient camp, but it is unknown at this time if they are associated with the camp.

The sex, cause of death and identification of the remains are undetermined at this time.

A forensic investigation by the sheriff’s forensic pathologist, assisted by a forensic anthropologist is ongoing, the Sheriff’s Office said.

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