Truck carrying Cal Poly graduation equipment gets stuck under railroad bridge on campus

A delivery truck carrying equipment for Cal Poly’s graduation ceremonies ran into a railroad overpass on the university’s campus Wednesday evening.

The crash happened just before 6 p.m., according to university spokesman Matt Lazier. The truck came from Fresno.

The driver “misjudged the height of the bridge and collided with it,” Lazier said in an email. No one was injured in the crash.

Firefighters were called to the campus by University Police to help get the truck out, according to Battalion Chief Bob Bisson of the San Luis Obispo Fire Department. Union Pacific Railroad authorities were also on scene.

“It’s my understanding that the driver wasn’t local and wasn’t familiar with the campus,” Bisson said.

“The roof of the truck crumpled like a sardine can,” Bisson said. Firefighters used a sledgehammer, a pry bar and a circular saw to remove part of the truck’s roof, allowing the driver to back the truck out.

Bisson said one of the things firefighters were trying to protect as they removed part of the truck’s roof was a pipe that ran alongside the bridge and contained a fiber optic bundle. The pipe was not damaged in the process of removing the roof.

The bridge, which is made of solid iron, was not damaged, Bisson said.

The truck was removed from the area shortly after 8:30 p.m., Lazier said.

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A delivery truck carrying equipment for Cal Poly’s graduation ceremonies got stuck under a railroad overpass on Highland Drive on Wednesday night. San Luis Obispo Fire Department
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