Hang out with alpacas at these Paso Robles Airbnbs — for less than $100 a night

Looking for a place to stay in Paso Robles? One property promises alpacas as part of the package.

Capaldi Ranch, located at 872 Exline Road, boasts a pack of eight alpacas that visitors can walk around on a lead and take pictures with. It’s about a 12-minute drive outside of the city.

Daphne Capaldi, the ranch’s owner, said she started raising the alpacas about 11 years ago and works hard to train the animals to be friendly enough for people to handle. Five of the alpacas are pregnant now, so Capaldi said they hope to have up to 13 alpacas by next spring. due in april

Capaldi said the ranch offers offers two places people can stay — including the Vista, an RV that sleeps five people. The RV costs $82-$86 a night, according to Capaldi and the Airbnb listing.

The other, the Hideaway, sleeps two people and costs $74-$78 a night on Airbnb. Breakfast is included at both places, and the menu for folks who stay at the RV includes farm-fresh eggs from the ranch, Capaldi said.

Capaldi added that she will close the Hideaway on Jan. 1, and starting in February the entire three-bedroom house will be open as an Airbnb. Capaldi said she does not yet know how much she will charge for the house.

Capaldi said she started offering the Airbnb rentals about three years ago after talking to her sister, who was an Airbnb host.

Capaldi Ranch in Paso Robles offers two Airbnb rentals. Courtesy of Capaldi Ranch

“She thought it would be something to offer people in Paso Robles, in the heart of wine country,” Capaldi said.

The property boasts 360-degree views of Paso Robles, she said. “We’ve got sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. It’s a great setting,” Capaldi said.

In addition to alpacas, Capaldi Ranch has more than 600 almond trees, Capaldi said.

There are also two large dogs — a Great Pyrenees and an Anatolian shepherd — who work to keep coyotes and other animals away from the ranch and “pretty much steal everyone’s hearts,” Capaldi said.

The ranch also boasts a store, where visitors can shop for products made from the alpacas’ fleece such as rugs, hats, scarves and horse blankets. Capaldi also sells yarn that she spins from the fleece.

The ranch also has a painting station, where guests can paint rocks and leave them around the property. Many people paint portraits of the alpacas or country flags, Capaldi said.

According to the owner, Capaldi Ranch has hosted guests from as far away as Russia, Singapore and the Netherlands.

“It’s not like staying in a room. They really get an experience at the same time,” Capaldi said of visitors.

The visitor reviews on both Airbnb properties are glowing, with reviewers calling the ranch a “gem” with great hospitality.

“Just the experience with the alpacas alone is worth this money,” wrote one reviewer.

“Airbnb has changed my life,” Capaldi said. “It’s been a great experience and a great ride. I’m going to ride it as long as I can and enjoy it.”

She said Capaldi Ranch’s Airbnb rentals are booked through November on weekends — although there are some midweek availabilities in coming months.

If you can’t make it up for a stay, the ranch will offers tours a few times a week for $10 apiece — or free with a $25 purchase from the ranch’s store. Tours are by appointment only; call Daphne at 818-515-2216 to make an appointment. The tours, which were suspended over the summer, will begin again in October, Capaldi said.

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