Pismo Beach surfing goats take a bite out of SLO’s Bubblegum Alley — literally

‘Best place ever Piz?’ Pismo Beach’s Surfing Goats snack on Bubblegum Alley

Pismo Beach's famous Surfing Goats stopped at San Luis Obis, California landmark, Bubblegum Alley, to snack off the leftover gum on the walls.
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Pismo Beach's famous Surfing Goats stopped at San Luis Obis, California landmark, Bubblegum Alley, to snack off the leftover gum on the walls.

Here’s proof that goats will eat just about anything: The world-famous Pismo Beach Surfing Goats recently feasted on an unusual snack in San Luis Obispo — Bubblegum Alley.

The walls of used bubblegum off Higuera Street have been a local landmark for years now, even though nobody knows exactly how the tradition began.

From Cal Poly graduates to tourists, it seems that nearly everyone needs to stop at Bubblegum Alley when in San Luis Obispo. Even celebrities like Rainn Wilson — the actor who played Dwight from “The Office” — have paused to check out the stomach-churning spectacle with its sickly sweet aroma.

But few visitors have ever braved actually eating the bits of leftover gum on the alley’s sticky walls.

That is, until the goats.

Pismo Beach resident Dana McGregor said he took his goats to the popular spot for a treat on Saturday after asking the animals “Where did they want to go: Magic Mountain, Disneyland or Bubblegum Alley?”

Dana McGregor of Pismo Beach surfs with his goats Pismo, left, and Pismo’s mother, Goatee, at San Onofre State Beach in July 2012. AP Photo/The Orange County Register

You might know McGregor’s goats from their adventures around the Central Coast, where they can often be spotted hanging out of car windows or surfing the waves.

McGregor said he initially intended to just get some pictures with the goats in the alley — but then they started literally eating off the walls.

“Didn’t know they would love it so much!!” he told The Tribune in a Facebook conversation. “It brought lots of joy downtown, was really awesome.”

McGregor posted a video of the outing to his Surfing Goats Facebook page on Saturday, where it quickly raked in more then 7,000 views.

In the video, the goats can be seen happily grabbing the gum off the walls as a group of onlookers watches and laughs at the spectacle.

“Oh they are loving life — loving it,” McGregor speaks in a singsong manner in the video. “Isn’t this the best place ever, Piz?” (Pismo is the name of the lead goat in the video.)

For those worried about the health of the goats after their bubblegum bonanza, McGregor said they are just fine.

“My goats can eat just about anything,” he joked. “They are perfectly happy and pooping perfect pellets.”

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