You might see smoke near Santa Margarita Lake. Here’s why

If you see smoke near Santa Margarita Lake on Wednesday, it’s nothing to worry about.

Cal Fire will be conducting a prescribed 138-acre burn about a mile southwest of Santa Margarita Lake, along West Pozo Road, Cal Fire said in a news release.

The burn is intended to reduce the amount of highly flammable vegetation and “other wildland fuels in an area prone to wildfires,” Cal Fire said. In 2017, there were multiple wildfires in the area including the Hill Fire, which burned 1,598 acres, and the Stone Fire.

The burn, which is being conducted in cooperation with the San Luis Obispo County Range Improvement Association, is also intended to “improve forage conditions for livestock and wildlife.”

If you’re in the area between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., you might see smoke from the burn, Cal Fire said.

The burn is dependent on weather conditions and may be rescheduled if needed, Cal Fire said.

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