Cal Poly won’t reopen dorm despite major housing shortage

Fremont Hall, the Cal Poly dorm that closed in February as result of a mudslide, will not reopen for the 2017-18 academic year.

The building continues to pose a safety risk to students, and so the university will be doing “several remediation efforts” to rehabilitate the structure over the next several months, Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier said.

The decision not to reopen the dormitory comes as the university faces higher-than-anticipated enrollment for the coming school year. Cal Poly will have to do without Fremont Hall’s 275 student beds when determining where to place an estimated 5,200 incoming freshmen, 750 more than expected. Lazier said final enrollment numbers will not be known until closer to the start of the academic year.

The university decided to keep Fremont Hall closed in early June.

“The university’s aim was to develop and execute several mitigation measures that would allow for Fremont to be reopened for the upcoming academic year,” Lazier said. “However, it was determined in early June, after admissions offers for 2017-18 were made, that this would not be possible.”

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