Grover Beach marijuana dispensaries will get to sell their pot in more spots


Grover Beach marijuana businesses aren’t ready to roll out just yet.

On Monday, the city approved land-use ordinances that allow commercial marijuana businesses at industrial and coastal industrial areas throughout town, but dispensary doors won’t open anytime soon.

That’s because the city still needs to conduct a second reading of the ordinances on May 15, and the last time the council considered a smaller marijuana district, it was suddenly turned back at the second reading. That happened in light of pushback from the community, concerned that concentrating the businesses in one area would pose significant problems for the neighborhood.

The new ordinances increase the area where the businesses would be allowed from 64 acres to 86 acres.

If the council approves a second reading, businesses will still have to wait until at least Jan. 1, 2018, to open because the state’s licensing structure for medical marijuana businesses doesn’t go into effect until then. Recreational marijuana could then be on the way soon after.

Kaytlyn Leslie: 805-781-7928, @kaytyleslie