From the publisher

On behalf of The Tribune, I want to apologize for an offensive, unacceptable promotional email sent to 1,600 non-subscribers late Thursday that used the news photo from the scene of the car crash that killed Matthew Frank (SLOStringer).

The information in the email, including the photo, was selected by our parent company’s regional marketing team without an understanding of the context of the news article from which it was pulled and the subsequent loss of life resulting from the car accident.

Unfortunately, the email was not reviewed by anyone at The Tribune before it was sent out. Clearly, however, the buck stops here. The Tribune can and should do better than this.

We posted an apology — and an explanation of how the error occurred — on our Facebook page, as well as in an email to the same individuals who received the promotional email. We deeply regret this egregious error.

Going forward, we’ve instituted a policy to ensure this does not happen again.

Tom Cullinan

Publisher, The Tribune and sanluisobispo.com