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SLO’s 7Sisters Brewing Co. sold — and some big changes could be on the way

San Luis Obispo’s popular 7Sisters Brewing Co. has been sold to two new business partners who plan to make some changes to the establishment.

After two years of operating the beer and food service business off Tank Farm Road near Trader Joe’s, business founders Steve Van Middlesworth and Emily Taylor recently completed the sale of 7Sisters to locals Dylan Roddick and Anthony Poncey.

The new owners take over Oct. 1.

Roddick — a Mother’s Tavern bartender who has been home brewing for 10 years — said he and Poncey may change the company name and rebrand, but they’re still considering.

7Sisters references the volcanic peaks situated between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.

Roddick, a former Cal Poly football player who graduated from the university in 2008, said the owners also plan to renovate the bar and seating — and they will close temporarily to do that work. Those dates haven’t been announced yet, and the brewery will remain open for the near future.

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7Sisters Brewing Co. opened in 2017 at 181 Tank Farm Road, Suite 110, in San Luis Obispo and recently changed ownership. It will continue to operation on the backside of the plaza at the corner of Cross and Long street. David Middlecamp

The location will remain the same at 181 Tank Farm, Suite 110 (on the corner of Cross and Long streets). Live music is often held there, which will continue.

“I’ve been homebrewing for about 10 years now,” Roddick said. “I love brewing beer. It’s a passion. And I love the atmosphere of selling beer and creating that atmosphere. It will remain a public house to enjoy beer.”

Owners sold to better manage other full-time jobs

Taylor and Van Middlesworth, the head brewer, managed the brewery on top of their full-time jobs. Taylor is a biology professor at Cal Poly, and Van Middlesworth is an engineer at Vandenberg Air Force Base — responsibilities that spread them too thin.

They hosted improv comedy, trivia and mental health workshops at 7Sisters, among other events.

“The experience of building, opening and running a brewery and restaurant has been amazing and so much fun,” Van Middlesworth said in a statement. “We have met a ton of great people, hosted a lot of cool events and have even been able to give back with fundraising and awareness events. It’s been great, but it’s just gotten too big for us to do while holding down our other jobs.”

They held a two-year anniversary party on Friday that also served as a farewell and an introduction to the new owners.

Taylor said Roddick and Poncey “are eager to continue and improve on the spirit of community and good beer that we have worked so hard to build.”

Along with the house and guest beers and live entertainment, the brewery is known for cider, wine, kombucha and craft soda, plus gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and other pub fare, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Roddick said food service will continue.

“We’ll strive to make good, quality food,” Roddick said. “We have appetizers, grilled cheese, a variety of small sides.”

Classic beers with a twist are new brewer’s specialty

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Dylan Roddick is a new co-owner of 7Sisters Brewing Co. in San Luis Obispo. Courtesy photo

Roddick said he likes making classic beers with a small tweak — such as porter with coconut.

“I have my own style of beers I like to do — classic styles with a little twist,” Roddick said. “I like IPAs, blonds, stouts and English styles.”

Roddick, a SLO resident, said they heard about 7Sisters being up for sale through a “friend of a friend.”

“We’ve been in the process for about eight months, in contact with them, and feeling them out,” Roddick said. “With their full-time jobs, I don’t know how they did it.”

Poncey will head up management of the bar, kitchen and staff, as well as booking bands, among other responsibilities, Roddick said.

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