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SLO restaurant in newly-renovated Creamery closes its doors

Foremost Wine Co. in San Luis Obispo.
Foremost Wine Co. in San Luis Obispo.

Foremost Wine Co., a farm-to-table restaurant and wine shop in downtown San Luis Obispo, has closed its doors.

“We are very grateful for the years we spent seeing this place grow and for the community of people who believed in Foremost,” the restaurant announced in social media posts and in a sign posted next to its front door. “With all the mixed emotions that have arisen with saying our goodbyes, we are optimistic about our team’s future endeavors along with our own.”

Co-owner Nancy Murray said Foremost, at 570 Higuera St. in the Creamery Marketplace, closed Aug. 30.

“We are truly sad and heartbroken as we put our heart and soul into this business,” Murray said in an email. “It’s a combination of many things, but the biggest downfall for Foremost was the long, drawn-out construction at the Creamery, which drastically affected our sales, lack of parking, and our location.”

Murray said Foremost’s lease is up in December and they decided not to continue operations.

Murray shared ownership of the restaurant with her husband, Rob Murray, founder of Tooth and Nail Winery in Paso Robles.

Robin Puricelli, who was Foremost’s sommelier when it opened in November 2014, said the restaurant was “the first in its own vision.”

“It was unlike any other restaurant that I knew of at the time,” said Puricelli, wine director at Lido at Dolphin Bay Resort. “It just helped pave the way for other restaurants to offer eclectic food and broadening the minds of the people of SLO.”

Puricelli said her favorite part about working at Foremost was introducing people to unique wines and building relationships with local winemakers.

“We sought out under-the-radar wines and bringing the people of SLO something you can’t get anywhere else,” she said. “Everyone was so excited to be a part of it.”

Puricelli also noted that the restaurant’s location in the Creamery “posed a little bit of a challenge.”

“But,” she added, “I think more and more people are becoming more adventurous in SLO. The fact that we were kind of fearless in that respect was really fun and special.”

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