Central Coast Fishing: Cambria resident top local in John Rowley Lingcod championship

Admittedly, it’s early in the game. But to date only one San Luis Obispo County resident has qualified for the year-end John Rowley Lingcod extravaganza being promoted by Virg’s Landing.

He’s a frequent fisherman aboard Virg’s boats and often shows up as a jackpot winner. He’s Jim Webb, a resident of Cambria.

Two other Central Coast anglers have fished their way into qualifying by reeling in the heaviest lingcod of the week. Orcutt’s Jose Camacho punched his admission ticket by bringing in the heaviest ling thus far, a toothy 23.4-pound fish. He qualified during Week No. 2.

Lompoc’s Robert Aguiniga prevailed during Week 9 with a 19.1-pound winner.

Thus far, a dozen anglers have qualified for the championship event. The latest was Dave Rollins of Madera. He did it by cranking up a 19.6 ling while fishing aboard the Fiesta on a shallow water trip off Cambria.

Manager Bruce Harwood was on board the Fiesta last Thursday.

He reported: “Lings and the reds were very cooperative. Sixteen anglers brought back 51 lings, 144 red rockcod, 23 coppers, two cabezon and 151 assorted rockfish.”

Virg’s Landing

Two-day trips continue to be a popular offering. The next one leaving June 24 is sold out. On these trips, the number of anglers is limited to 24.

Harwood advised that only two spots remain for the two-day departing Friday, July 22. The August two-day departing on the 26th had 21 openings as of earlier this week.

Last week, Virg’s had 12 trips that accommodated 349 anglers. The total number of fish brought on board was 2,870, including 246 lingcod.

As of Sunday, Virg’s lingcod take for the season stood at 2,687 fish.

The week No. 10 qualifier for the December lingcod fish-off was Sherman McBay of El Dorado Hills with a 19.8 ling.

Additional jackpot winners last week were: Patrick Fisler, Porterville, 15.5 ling; and Garret Amal, Bakersfield, 14.0 ling.

Port San Luis Boatyard

Bakersfield angler Dennis Hyde earned Whopper of the Week honors with the catch of a 12-pound halibut on June 9.

The numbers for last week are skewed as launching and other details for two days were not logged. About 79 boats were launched. The catch of 55-plus lingcod and one halibut were recorded.

Morro Bay Landing

San Luis Obispo angler Richard McConaghay had the distinction of reeling in the landing’s biggest jackpot fish of the week, a 17-pound lingcod. Other winning jackpots included: Charles Espitia, Bakersfield, 13-pound ling; Wade Logan, Bakersfield, and Gabriel Maor, San Antonio, Texas, both 12-pound lings; Cody Dodson, Bakersfield, 11.6 ling; Jim Phillips, Tahoe City, and Juan Ruvalcabam, Orosi, both 8-pound lings.

One-hundred, fifty-eight anglers aboard four different boats caught 109 lingcod, 411 red rockcod, 1,067 assorted rockfish, nine cabezon and six copper rockfish.

Patriot Sportfishing

One jackpot fish last week caught aboard the Patriot put on a show that others on board will, in all probability, long remember. The catch was a 62-pound thresher shark reeled in by Arroyo Grande resident Jeremy Pathbone.

Other jackpot winners were: Ron Keck, Cambria, and Shawn Johnson, Lompoc, both 15-0 lings; Jesse Valdez, Guadalupe, 12-0 ling; Lawrence Li, Atascadero, Jessica Wallace, Nipomo, and Jorge Gonzalez, Auburn, all 10-0 lings; Don Amarsh, San Luis Obispo, 9-0 ling; Ron Keck, Cambria, 8-5 ling; and Freeman Greene, Santa Maria, 7-0 ling.

The catch by 235 anglers last week included 156 lingcod, 1,361 assorted rockfish, 471 red rockcod, 124 bolina, 110 copper rockfish, four rock crab, two bocaccio, one cabezon and the one thresher shark.

Whale Rock

Being open seven days a week hasn’t changed a thing. Last week, nine anglers showed up with the usual results: no fish.

Bass Fishing

There will be at least two tournaments conducted on Saturday at Lake Nacimiento: the Tri Valley and San Luis Obispo County Bass Ambushers. Each group will be staging its sixth competition of the year.

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