Arroyo Grande uncle-nephew team finishes sixth at Clear Lake

Arroyo Grande’s Mike Maddux and his uncle Lee Maddux from Paso Robles registered the best finish at Clear Lake last weekend.

Eight teams from the Central Coast participated in the American Bass Northern Classic while two other local team qualifiers did not make the trip. The Madduxes placed sixth while Jared Lintner of Arroyo Grande and partner Nick Salvucci of Atascadero finished in 13th place.

“We earned $2,000 and that just about paid for the trip,” Lee Maddux said.

(Lintner and Salvucci earned $200, and that definitely did not pay for the trip.)

Lee noted, “We had less than two full days of practice prior to the event and our expectations were not very good. I spent five months in Alaska doing heavy equipment work. I had been home only nine days before my nephew and I headed for Clear Lake.”

“We found what tactics that were not producing during our practice,” Mike Maddux said during our phone interview. “The fact that I had fished this tournament a year ago with Matt Quaresma was beneficial, especially on day two this year when we were in the 11th flight out.

“Within 10 minutes after we reached a spot that I had found last year we had a limit and 21 pounds in the live well. Lee and I both caught 5-pound fish in that spree.”

The Madduxes said that “jigging at various depths is how we caught most of our 46-plus pounds of bass.”

(Mike’s wife was extremely helpful in getting tournament weights to me via email. This writer is computer challenged to the nth degree.)

Final Standings: ABA Northern Classic at Clear Lake

Teams, Number of fish, Weight, Winnings: 1. Rod Cree and Matt Silveira, 10, 54.01 lbs., $3,580 plus Ranger boat, Mercury motor and Lowrance package; 6. Lee Maddux, Paso Robles, Mike Maddux, Arroyo Grande, 10, 46.83 lbs., $2,000; 13. Jared Lintner, Arroyo Grande, Nick Salvucci, Atascadero, 10, 40.76 lbs., $200; 28. Darrin Bishop, Paso Robles, Dean Miller, Tulare, 10, 35.76 lbs.; 51. Gene Gray, Atascadero, Jay Short, Templeton, 10, 29.73 lbs.; 55. Dan Barrios, Justin Goodman, San Luis Obispo, 9, 27.63 lbs.; 60. John White, San Luis Obispo, Fred Ledesma, Soledad, 9, 25.45 lbs.; 62. Louis Fernandes, Santa Maria, Patrick Touey, Nipomo, 10, 22.25 lbs.; 71. Andrew Levy, Grover Beach, Stanley Beebe, San Luis Obispo, 5, 21.79 lbs.

Port San Luis Boatyard

A 45-pound, 6-ounce bluefin tuna caught by Mike Enos of Paso Robles on Oct. 25 earned Whopper of the Week honors.

Eighty-six privately owned boats were dispatched last week. The catch included: 165 lingcod, three halibut, 98 bonito and one bluefin tuna.

Virg’s Landing

A lady angler from Los Angeles, Lisa Tham, became the 29th qualifier for the John Rowley Fish-off in December. Her 25.5-pound ling took jackpot honors on a two-day trip to Cape San Martin aboard the Princess. The 18 anglers on that trip caught 128 lings, 280 red rockcod, 80 assorted rockfish, 30 bonito, two skipjack and two ocean whitefish.

One of Lisa’s fish was a 16.5-pound sheephead. The other jackpot winner on the trip with a 15.5 ling was Chang Barr of Los Angeles.

The big fish on a private charter aboard the Fiesta at the Domes area was Caleb Owens of Bakersfield with an 18-pound ling. Nick Santoro of Westminister was a jackpot winner with a 6.5 bocaccio.

One-hundred-eighty anglers on nine trips last week caught 2,188 fish. The catch included 220 lingcod.

For trip schedules or reservations, call 772-1222 or go online to http://virgslanding.com/.

Patriot Sportfishing

A lingcod weighing 21 pounds, 5 ounces topped last week’s jackpot list by a wide margin. Lompoc’s Clayton Williams made the catch Sunday aboard the Avenger on a trip to Point Purisma.

Other jackpot winners were: Matt Schneider, San Luis Obispo, 15-0 ling, Pam Webster, Grover Beach, 13-0 ling, Frank Lemus, Nipomo, Tom Muscio, San Luis Obispo, Steve Behnke, Arroyo Grande, and Tony Domingues, Santa Maria, all 10-pound lings, and Jeff Snyder, Buellton, 9-pound ling.

Caught by 218 anglers on nine trips last week were: 134 lingcod, 357 red rockcod, 1,285 assorted rockfish, 13 copper rockfish, 11 cabezon, four bonito, four kelp greenling, and one Mako shark.

For trip schedules and reservations, call 595-7200 or go online to: www.patriotsportfishing.com.

Morro Bay Landing

Hanford’s Buck Murray reeled in last week’s biggest jackpot fish, a 19-pound lingcod. There was a tie for second biggest jackpot fish involving Atascadero’s Larry Holt and a New York City angler whose last name was not legible on the trip manifest. They both had 18 pound lings. Other winners were Dallen Ulich, Bakersfield, 17-pound ling, Bob Sutton, Atascadero, 10-pound ling and Bob Diffenbaugh, Bakersfield, 6-0 vermilion rockfish.

All eight trips last week were on the Endeavor. One-hundred-eight passengers reeled in 155 lingcod, 247 red rockcod and 797 assorted rockfish.

For trip schedules and reservations, go online to www.morrobaylanding.com or call 771-5500.

Whale Rock

The litany of no fish at this reservoir is about to roll into its eighth and final month this season. Two anglers showed up and for the 16th consecutive week no trout were caught Oct. 21-25. In reality, the drought has been longer than that. The two fish (6 and 8 inches in length) reported during week 13 (July 15-19) were claimed by an anonymous fisherman.

Jeremy Harkins is the lone angler who reported catching trout this year. His 16-inch fish was caught May 9. PowerBait was his bait. During the 2014 Whale Rock fishing season he was far and away the most successful fisherman.