San Francisco 49ers’ Chip Kelly on new job: “The ocean is on the other side”


Chip Kelly doesn’t like being asked about Philadelphia.

The new San Francisco 49ers head coach, who was fired by the Eagles last December, was asked Tuesday about the differences between the two jobs.

His response?

“The ocean is on the other side,” Kelly said. “The ocean was on the right in Philadelphia, now it's on the left. I don't feel I’m different. Ask the coaches who are with me now and were with me before.”

Apparently there’s no difference between East Coast and West Coast Chip, either. He certainly hasn’t lost that sarcasm.

Being the same coach as Kelly was in Philadelphia may be welcome news for some Niner fans — and concerning for others. Kelly found success with the Eagles in his first two seasons after making the jump from Oregon, posting 20 wins in his first two years. The third year — getting fired after starting the season 6-9, although just a bit better than San Francisco’s 5-11 mark — is the one that may have 49ers fans worried.

One thing is for certain, Niners fans can look forward to Kelly’s deadpan remarks this season.