SLO Rundown: Warriors dad watches Game 7 in odd place, plus giant golf-course aligators


▪ After the Golden State Warriors Game 7 win on Tuesday, it was quite the family celebration for the Curries. Dell Curry, Stephen’s father, could be seen with his granddaughter, Riley, on his shoulders. However, the father of another Splash Brother, Mychal Thompson, Klay’s Thompson’s father, also a former NBA player, was nowhere to be found.

In fact, Thompson didn’t make the trip to the game.

According to an interview with ESPN’s Thompson and Trudell, Thompson said he went to In-N-Out burger and watched wrestling instead of watching the game, along with the rest of the record viewing audience of 19.9 million people.

"I went to In-N-Out to grab a burger, and I couldn't eat it, so I had to let it sit there for three hours," Thompson said. "I was too nervous."

Thompson turned his phone face down so he couldn’t read the text messages sent to him. He finally found out the result when his wife, Julie, called him after the game.

Thompson might consider doing the same for the Finals, which start Thursday, if it means his son will win his second title in as many years.

▪ It’s always entertaining when a position player takes to the mound in a Major League Baseball game. That was especially true when Padres catcher Chris Bethancourt made an appearance on the mound for the Padres in their blowout loss against the Mariners. Bethancourt hit an impressive 96 mph on the radar gun, but more impressive was his 53 mph eephus pitch. Bethancourt also played catcher, second base and left field.

▪ Cal Poly didn’t have to turn to a position player in its season finale over the weekend, but there was a nice moment in the Mustangs’ 10-5 win Saturday over UC Davis when senior and San Luis Obispo High School graduate Connor O’Hare, a seldom used player, was given an at-bat by junior designated hitter Kevin Morgan. O’Hare responded with an RBI triple to put the finishing touches on the win. Reporter Lucas Clark wrapped up the up-and-down season here. Cal Poly was also nicely represented on the all-conference team released Wednesday.

▪ If you think Jurassic Park is fiction, think again. There is a giant gator stalking golf courses of Florida. Two golfers caught the estimated 16-footer (16!) on video at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida. Gators are a common occurrence on golf courses, but are usually removed before they reach this size.

▪ Kevin Pillar is now making circus catches daily. The Toronto center fielder added another gem to his collection, snagging a line drive by Austin Romine to end the inning.

▪ Keisha White might have a better catch than Pillar’s. White, a freshman softball player at West Salt Lake, had a home run saving catch that carried her over a cloth fence for the last out of the inning.