Letters to the Editor

Matthew Hoy misinterprets facts of Phillips 66 oil-by-rail project

The column by Matthew Hoy was distressing in its misstatements borne of a gross misinterpretation of facts surrounding the proposed Phillips 66 offloading facility (“SLO County should weigh both the benefits and the risks of Phillips 66 rail spur,” Aug. 6).

He refers to the project as a “rail spur.” The project is a major offloading facility that could accommodate up to five 80-car trains per week to offload toxic and volatile tar sands crude next to residential neighborhoods. The Phillips expansion will create additional and unacceptable levels of noise, artificial light and diesel emissions to an area already impacted by levels of air pollution that regularly exceed state standards.

Hoy says jobs will be lost if the proposal is defeated. The proposal adds 12 potential full time regular positions if approved. No jobs are lost if the proposal is defeated; operations remain at the current level.

Regular inspections and use of technology will negate the risks of accidents and potential tragedies. Our rail infrastructure is aging and the additional traffic and train weight will further stress it. Accidents will continue to happen; it is the duty of our Board of Supervisors to adhere to their sworn duty to protect the health and safety of their constituents.

His letter refers to the “benefits” of the plan; however none are referenced in his writing. Perhaps there are none?

Jack Moyer, Nipomo