Letters to the Editor

Which teachers, exactly, choose Dawn Ortiz-Legg for Assembly?

Maria Kelly, left, talks Dawn Ortiz-Legg about election returns.
Maria Kelly, left, talks Dawn Ortiz-Legg about election returns. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

I was surprised that fliers were being passed out locally from candidate Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s campaign saying she was “the choice of classroom teachers.”

After about 15 years of serving as everything from an elementary teacher to high school principal in local public schools, I had some knowledge of such subject matter.

So I checked the California Teachers Association website to verify this claim. In fact, Jordan Cunningham has the official endorsement of CTA for Assembly District 35, not Ortiz-Legg. So who are these teachers cited?

While I am a registered Democrat, I personally vote for the candidate I believe to be the best person to represent my community, regardless of their political affiliation. Honesty, integrity and the ability to compromise are paramount in my decision-making process. Additionally, the candidate’s views on education are among my highest priorities when voting for state offices because I believe education holds the key to solving many other problems in our society.

Therefore, based on my experience in the education field, I’ll be voting for Cunningham in this race. Perhaps using the logic likely leveraged above, the Cunningham campaign should now advertise “the choice of Democrats” on his campaign materials.

Andrew Cherry, Atascadero