Letters to the Editor

Can we just start over with presidential candidates?

If you look up “base” in the dictionary, you’ll find a few definitions including; the bottom of something, a body of supporters and a place to touch in a game.

It seems to me that the respective bases in this presidential election begs this definition: a large group of otherwise relatively intelligent people who have abandoned common sense and mobbed up blindly in support of their respective candidates!

Neither of the two characters seeking the presidency of the U.S. seems particularly qualified if you apply minimum standards of honesty, integrity, character, reliability, dependability or moral fiber.

So, can we start over?

One of the 20-some-odd candidates (emphasis on odd) must seem much better now that we’ve had a little time to watch these two dilettantes and the benefit of hindsight.

The fact that we have survived as a nation given the past 52 years of presidential leadership is more indicative of the idea that we’re going to keep trying until we really get it wrong than of the strength of our form of government.

With all that we’ve experienced, learned and lost, one might think we’d want to do better. If not for us, then for future generations.

David Atlee Tissue, Atascadero