Letters to the Editor

Keep pushing for women’s equality by voting

In this election year, we often lose sight of history.

Of course, history (or herstory, as some say) is in the making, with the nomination of Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

But I’m talking about 96 years ago, when women could vote for president for the first time, after passage of the 19th Amendment.

Now, we have women in all levels of elected office, many because they saw the support of women as crucial to their campaign and their policies.

As more women ran for and won office, more women saw how their representatives (women, that is) changed their lives; a legislature with women involved in the making of laws improved labor situations, opening up new areas of opportunities; leveling, in some ways, the economic playing field; and making it possible for women to advance as fully productive citizens.

Aug. 26 is designated as Women’s Equality Day to commemorate the passage of the constitutional amendment guaranteeing our right to vote.

Let’s be sure we don’t lose that right by not voting — allowing those who do vote to dictate what policies we will live under as citizens. How pre-1920! We won’t go back!

Angie King, San Luis Obispo