Letters to the Editor

Many of today’s women take their freedoms for granted

Thank you to Marguerite Bader for the letter on the importance of Women’s Equality Day (“Why Women’s Equality Day matters,” Aug. 17).

In today’s world, women, fortunately, have more equality than 20 years ago. It is painful to me to see many of today’s young women take these freedoms for granted.

I am a white female of a certain age. During my life, I have lived and worked (alone) in eight different countries. I speak three languages and have seen that to be a white male — world over — has its advantages.

However, having said that: I grew up under an apartheid-like system of government.

Two of my young male cousins were shot point-blank through the head because they were of a certain religion, they were white.

Discrimination is horrendous.

I became a citizen of this country in order to vote. I was a member of the League of Women Voters, as their mission statement is powerful.

However, to all women, no matter one’s political view, make no mistake: Hillary Clinton’s character is being demolished because she is female.

She has done nothing that Colin Powell did not do, nor is her ambition any less than Donald Trump’s — but she is a woman.

Theresa Murphy Bachoc, Paso Robles