Letters to the Editor

Caren Ray focuses on us vs. them, not consensus and communication

Caren Ray attends an election party in November 2014.
Caren Ray attends an election party in November 2014. jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

I read with interest the letter written by Caren Ray (“ ‘The reason I’m running’ for A.G. City Council,” Aug. 9). It is unfortunate that a presumably intelligent person has such a cynical view of our local politics and feels she must run “against” something instead of “for” something.

I’ve lived here for the past 16 years, but I apparently missed the perceived widespread negativity and rancor she describes. I believe it is the healthy difference of opinion and perceptions of council members that produces better decisions. However, the lack of dialog among council members inhibits the ability to reach consensus.

My extensive business background and life experiences provide me the skills to help create consensus of ideas with council members and community.

My discussions with community members offer general agreement that our city seems to be well-run, but communication is fractured between our citizens and those charged with running our city. I will work to improve this.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Ray feels she must focus on an “us vs. them” conversation instead of providing positive beliefs of what she can bring to our council.

I ask for your vote for Ken Sage for Arroyo Grande City Council on Nov. 8.

Ken Sage, Arroyo Grande