Letters to the Editor

Homeless shelter not Mission Plaza should be priority in SLO


I was shocked when I read the article about “fixing up” Mission Plaza (“A new vision for Mission Plaza,” Aug. 13).

There are so many more deserving projects than upgrading Mission Plaza. The first thing that comes to mind is building a decent homeless shelter for people to have a roof over their heads.

Yet once again the powers that be of the San Luis Obispo City Council seem to be pandering to tourists and college students. The only mention of the homeless is that “we’ll put in extra lighting” so people will feel safer when the homeless are around. I just don’t understand how the City Council can spend millions of dollars to beautify Mission Plaza when there are so many people who do not have adequate housing. Where is the compassion?

Oh that’s right, the almighty dollar wins again!

Sara Medzyk, Arroyo Grande