Letters to the Editor

How to make gun control effective in the U.S.


Recently, there have been numerous articles — both news and opinion — printed in The Tribune about more gun control legislation and, if passed, how it would make everybody safer. Nothing could be further from reality.

The criminal element currently cannot legally own weapons, but that does not prevent them from doing so.

Radical terrorists will also obtain firearms — some legally but most illegally. And if they can’t, they will build bombs from readily available materials to complete their terrorist goals.

None of the newly passed gun control legislation will have any effect on these people. Someone who cannot legally own a firearm is not going to attempt to pass a background check in order to buy ammunition, but will simply get it where they got their illegal weapons. The law-abiding citizens are the only ones affected by this law.

The most effective law to reduce gun violence would entail severe penalties for unlawful possession and/or use of a firearm. A first-time offense would require a five-year prison term; a second offense would require a 10-year prison term; and any subsequent offense, a 15-year term — none of which could be plea-bargained down.

That would be effective crime control.

Stanley Schaffer, Arroyo Grande