Letters to the Editor

We should be proud to have a candidate like Ortiz-Legg running

Dawn Ortiz-Legg
Dawn Ortiz-Legg jjohnston@thetribunenews.com

As a former member of CodePink: Women for Peace and an ex-military wife, I take complete umbrage to Phyllis Stout’s letter regarding Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s candidacy for Assembly (“Don’t give Dawn Ortiz-Legg your vote,” Aug. 9).

CodePink is not and never has been a “radical” peace organization.

The mission of CodePink was to bring to light the unacceptability of the immoral and disastrously costly war in Iraq. We never said or have defamed the military in any way or fashion. In fact, we had input from Iraq Veterans Against the War and other concerned military about the illegal invasion. My husband, a retired naval captain, was against the war and marched with us throughout this period.

Dawn is a thoughtful and dedicated woman who will serve our community with pride.

She is for the working class and has many endorsements from local civic and labor unions.

Her mission is to bring jobs and quality affordable housing to our area.

We should be proud to have a candidate of her caliber running for office.

Please consider a vote for Dawn; you will be glad you did.

Victoria Grostick, San Luis Obispo