Letters to the Editor

Obama gives drug dealers a second chance, but not their victims

On page 10A of your Aug. 4 newspaper, you had an article regarding President Barack Hussein Obama reducing 214 sentences for convicted drug dealers and pushers and saying he has issued 562 commutations since he became president.

Alongside that article was a reprint of a Los Angeles Times article describing the fact that the deaths due to drugs are plaguing rave gatherings in Los Angeles, causing the deaths of three young concertgoers in Fontana over the weekend, as well as several other incidents of young people dying because of drugs. These deaths are prompted by unscrupulous dealers causing Dr. Rodney Borger to say in the article that it is “extremely frustrating” whenever “a very young, healthy, vibrant person passes away for no particular reason.”

Yet President Obama’s persistent nearsightedness does not take into consideration the horrific consequences of the drug pushers and dealers that he has granted clemency and will let these drug pushers out of jail early so they can help kill more of our young people.

President Obama says that America is the land of second chances. I wonder if the young people that died get a second chance?

Alan Martyn, Los Osos