Letters to the Editor

Recent graduates, consider enlisting in the military

I would like to pose a question to the young men and women who recently graduated from high school and have yet to decide on a job or career. Have you considered an enlistment in the military?

I had the occasion to visit the recruiting station in San Luis Obispo and was astounded at the benefits available: starting pay about $1,500 a month, all basic needs provided for — e.g., clothes, meals, medical and dental — plus 30 days paid leave each year.

Where else can you start a job with such benefits?

On honorable completion of your enlistment, the GI Bill is available, which provides money for education and low-interest loans to purchase a house — and for those who qualify, medical coverage at a veteran hospital.

A side benefit is the people you serve with and the people you see.

Jim Paglia, Atascadero