Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump obviously just needs some life coaching

Donald Trump is lacking so many important components of what it takes to be a part of a representative democracy.

He isn’t a person who unites, and he doesn’t understand any job within the three branches of government — especially the one he is running for. He is a perversity to the fractured party that has unwisely created him. But those are not his only shortcomings.

Simply said, he has a damaged soul where basic humanity does not seem to exist.

The Kahn family incident is appalling, and the most recent of his lack of empathy, truth or any positive American value.

But there is an even deeper absence. After the Republican convention, his coordinator for African-American outreach assured an interviewer that Mr. Trump can be educated about underserved Americans’ needs. Omarosa Manigault said when she told him about the murder rate of young black men in Chicago, she said he was very moved, and that he just didn’t know of the magnitude of such realities.

So Trump just needs a little variety of life coaching, and of this we can be sure: He will get many and the best, and everything will be done really fast, and it will all be awfully nice.

Bill Weatherford, Morro Bay