Letters to the Editor

Sonora Shay locomotive shouldn’t be a happy ride

One has to wonder how that Sonora Shay No. 7 locomotive lives with itself.

Now taking visitors through the forest “it” once helped diminish.

Similarly to those blasted SUVs that continue to kill people in auto wrecks, exonerating the drivers.

Engine No. 7 was mentioned in that tone not once, but twice, in the article with picture no less.

Perhaps the visitors it takes through those redwoods nowadays is just penalty — a lifetime of labor for crimes committed.

Seems to be more punishment for wrongdoing then the current democratic presidential candidate will ever see.

Lest we not forget the forest is still there with a lot of old growth, despite all that logging.

Having been on that ride, what you see is a renewed forest — a reusable resource.

To think otherwise is complete kook city.

Ken Sutliff, Cambria