Letters to the Editor

The real difference between the political parties

Having watched too much of each political convention, I am left with the profound differences in tone, energy and overall vibe.

One party has already won most of the culture wars of the past several decades and envisions a cleaner, more equitable future where compromise and working together toward common goals is seen as the best way to build a more perfect union.

The other party presented a dystopian nightmare where walls are built, religions are banned, families are deported, guns are rampant, grace is gone, torture is cool, alliances crumble, women are punished and stark-raving incoherence is celebrated.

To those who say there’s not much difference between the parties, look again.

Never has the contrast been more evident. And though neither party has a monopoly on virtue and righteousness, Donald Trump’s fragile facade of fear and loathing, hiding behind his tiresome whiny bluster, makes Hilary Clinton seem like an angel heaven-sent.

Ken McDaniel, Arroyo Grande