Letters to the Editor

A Republican veteran apologizes on behalf of Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Khan,

I am a Republican and a veteran who apologizes for Mr. Trump’s heartless response to your fine speech at the Democratic convention. You, your wife and son — who gave the ultimate sacrifice — should be recognized as fine, proud citizens of the United States. All in this country should grieve your loss.

I assume you came to this country at a different time than today. Today, we have some of the Islamic faith believing in Sharia law who want to come here illegally for the purpose of killing our citizens who do not hold the same beliefs as they. I agree with Mr. Trump that we need to look at the backgrounds of those coming here to ensure, to the best of our ability, that they will be good, law-abiding citizens.

Mr. Khan, may I suggest you hold up that Constitution and show it to President Barack Obama, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. This administration has seen fit to allow sanctuary cities to harbor illegal immigrants without the threat of being deported. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is such an individual who sought the protection of a sanctuary city — San Francisco. There, he shot and killed Cal Poly graduate Kate Steinle, 32, who died in her father’s arms.

Mr. Khan, I hope you now understand why I support restricting immigration until we put into place a proper system of knowing the backgrounds of those who want to enter this country.

Sanford White, San Luis Obispo