Letters to the Editor

Ray Starmann’s open letter was full of dangerous hyperbole

Quick! Somebody grab a fire extinguisher and put Ray Starmann’s hair out! That open letter of his (“An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan,” Aug. 2) The Tribune printed is also in danger of bursting into flames what with all the name-calling, fearmongering and calls to war.

Hyperbole is sometimes useful but seldom helpful. Sharia law is not coming to your neighborhood. We are not “at war” with anyone.

We act as though we are at war because, well let’s be honest here, it’s the biggest jobs program in history.

It employs a lot of people, including Mr. Starmann — if that is in fact his real name. Sounds a bit Luke Skywalkerish to me.

Oh yes, and it really is in poor taste to use the Khan family in this way.

Onward Christian soldiers!

Er, I mean, thank you for your time.

Michael Miller, Arroyo Grande