Letters to the Editor

In 2016 election, politics and reporting are all about money

In regards to Matthew Hoy’s viewpoint in The Tribune on July 23 (“The Republican Party 1854-2016 R.I.P.”): I am wondering if The Tribune treats the Demoratic National Convention writers the same way.

Independents, including myself, wonder if you ask DNC writers what their preference is in politics.

Bernie Goldberg, who worked for NBC, also interviewed for ABC and CBS.

He indicated that if you do not think or believe like they do, you won’t get the job.

The same goes for most colleges: Independents or Republicans will not get a fair shake.

Mr. Hoy is for limited government and a strong military. He is for pro-life, pro-free trade and pro-capitalism. Is his job on the line for his beliefs? I want to hear both sides. Kids today get their information from other media besides the paper. They know both sides.

If I was to write a letter bashing Donald Trump, whether true or not, you would print it.

That’s why you won’t print this!

Why doesn’t The Tribune write more about Hillary Clinton’s scandals? She has some good ones coming up!

Bernie Sanders was right. The system is rigged for the special interest groups.

Yes, it’s all about the money!

Randy Carter, Los Osos