Letters to the Editor

U.S. politics needs more than just two major parties

After living in this country for about 50 years as an Italian immigrant (about 40 as a U.S. citizen), I feel compelled to make some observations about the political system.

The two-party system has not worked for several decades. The left wing and the right wing have become part of the same bird. Ignorance, blind ideology and political stupidity abound on the left and the right.

A healthy democracy relies on good information and high voter participation. We lack both. Mainstream media are part of the problem.

With very few exceptions, members of one of the political parties in power have not yet gotten the memo that politics is a ruthless Machiavellian endeavor.

If the federal government oversaw all national elections, there would be no voter suppression issues. After all, politicians going to Washington should represent the nation first, not their personal ideologies (or worse, their religion).

The tax code favors “we the oligarchs,” not “we the people.”

There should be term limits on all federal positions, SCOTUS included.

We need more than two political parties. Two shoe sizes no longer fit all.

Fabrizio Griguoli, Shell Beach