Letters to the Editor

Story on ‘demonic possession’ is only good for laughs

Well, recently we had the “Smoking Marijuana Causes Schizophrenia!” nonsense (“Marijuana’s potency has many negative effects,” February 24). (Those were psychotic episodes, folks. Don’t blame the victim for the disorder; it really doesn’t help.)

Now we have the psychiatrist (board certified!) who claims to have witnessed spiritual possessions for the past 25 years (“As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness — and sometimes, demonic possession,” July 20). And there is “cumulative evidence of their (possessions’) credibility,” he states. Including one “witch,” who guessed Dr. G’s mother’s cause of death (ovarian cancer) and other people’s “secret weaknesses, such as undue pride.”

Like all such patent gibberish, the writer claims the usual reasons for not subjecting his patients to scientific evaluation. For example, spirits are fallen angels and hence “craftier than humans.” They won’t submit to lab tests or “scientific manipulation.” Professionals involved with these whatever-they-are do not wish to “compromise a sufferer’s privacy.” “They will also hardly allow themselves to be easily recorded by video equipment, as skeptics sometimes demand.”

Really? He has — astoundingly — proof of a “spiritual world” but can’t reveal it? Because of patient privacy?

Please laugh, people.

Ceil and Dick Moore, Cambria