Letters to the Editor

Board approval of Phillips proposal would be ‘height of arrogance’

One may presume members of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors were thoughtful enough to insure their homes and autos to protect themselves in the “unlikely” event of fire or auto accident.

We have been told oil train derailments in California are unlikely. However, there is no insurance available to protect local communities from an unlikely event of massive damage and potential death resulting from an explosion of an oil train derailment.

Supervisors in counties throughout the state and 22 city councils, from Berkeley to Los Angeles, have expressed concerns about this “unlikely” possibility that an oil train will derail. It was said (Column, “A catastrophic oil train derailment in Oregon raises fears on Central Coast,” July 14) they are “officially opposed” to Phillips 66’s plan to expand their facilities in Santa Maria to accommodate mile-long oil trains that would roll through their communities and into the county.

If our supervisors approve the Phillips expansion, their approval would be, in my opinion, the height of arrogance and disregard for the opposition of those representatives and their safety — and the safety of SLO County citizens. The only rational insurance to protect California community’s exposure to these unlikely events is for our supervisors to demonstrate their social responsibility and deny the Phillips 66 application.

Joseph Amanzio, Paso Robles