Letters to the Editor

Driving the new streets of Grover Beach is a pleasure

We are very pleased to see our bond dollars at work on the streets of Grover Beach. We are also pleased, and fortunate, to be located where we received the benefits of two of the first streets to be redone.

While the construction hasn’t been without its irritations, the (almost) final product is marvelous. We found the construction crew to be efficient, professional and friendly. We also found the city staff we interacted with to be helpful and responsive. Though we did not get everything we requested, we did get timely responses and felt we were heard.

I love small-town America where you can have a one-on-one conversation with the director of public works on-site. Kudos to our recently retired city manager, Bob Perrault, for getting this project up and running before he left. Well done all.

Jason Gillespie, Grover Beach