Letters to the Editor

Diablo Canyon engineers work hard to keep plant up to date

The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach, shown in 2001.
The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach, shown in 2001. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

As a proud engineer at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, the Mothers for Peace commentary (“Diablo Canyon is not needed, SLO Mothers for Peace says,” July 15) on our supposedly outdated and not-needed plant struck a cord.

The MFP stated that they value our professional well-trained work force; then go on to say that the plant is outdated, aged, damages the ocean and is not adequately designed.

Does anyone really believe we would allow this condition to exist?

All I know is that we work tirelessly to maintain our plant in like-new condition — monitoring conditions and continuously upgrading and replacing equipment well before it reaches end of life.

We are stewards of the lands around the plant and the ocean cove water temperatures will return to normal one day. We produce greenhouse-gas-free power at very low risk.

Thanks to our state’s energy policy, future generation costs will go up, along with lower availability and reliability.

Diablo Canyon’s record of safety, availability and reliability speaks for itself.

But it’s hard to argue with mothers who want peace. They must be right, right?

Dan Hromyak, Pismo Beach