Letters to the Editor

Say ‘no’ to half-cent sales tax increase

The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments proposed a measure for a half-cent increase in sales tax for nine years, which would generate $25 million annually for a total of $225 million after nine years for road maintenance and improvements.

Federal and state funding reduction correlates to less gasoline usage. State theft from allocating sufficient funds occurs when super bureaucracy includes super six-digit salaries, benefits, perks and super pensions. For example, last year’s audit by the California Legislative Analyst Office determined that Caltrans had 3,500 surplus employees, costing $500 million per year.

Also, the state contributed $47 million for tax credits bribery to attract corporations.

The county’s $30 million surplus plummeted to a $9 million deficit mainly because of employee salary mishandling while supervisors rewarded themselves with an extra $4,000 annually.

All cities have passed patchwork sales tax increases to supplement infrastructure funding because of excess overhead.

Because county supervisors belong to SLOCOG, the ballot is certain.

Experience reveals the “nine years” duration is fiction.

Hence, SLOCOG and the state should jointly reallocate their budgets for road funding.

Enough! Vote “no” against another tax.

Werner Koch, Cambria