Letters to the Editor

The ‘Blue Wall’ put up by police must fall


The stark and terrifying truth is that killings of police will continue and become commonplace as long as police killings of unarmed or legally armed black men — posing no real threat so that they can then be controlled nonlethally — continue and go unpunished.

Likewise for judges, DAs and others who cover for these killer cops. How many of these killings happen that don’t get into videos, or that happened long ago before there was video?

Black communities know all too well.

Radical reform of policing practices, and the selection and training of police must happen now — yesterday, in fact.

In addition, racist killer cops must be exposed, charged, convicted and imprisoned.

Otherwise, my prediction above will inevitably come to be, and good cops will be in the crossfire. Oppressed people will only take so much wanton, murderous violence. Sooner or later they will revolt — singly, as whole communities, as organized militant groupings or as complete nations.

History is filled with such examples.

Whether moderate reform, deep going reform or replacement of the current model of policing altogether, something’s gotta change immediately.

Good cops must stop covering for bad ones and looking the other way. The “Blue Wall” must fall.

Jim Griffin, San Luis Obispo