Letters to the Editor

Hike of the Week overlooked major parking issues

After reading your article on Bishop Peak hiking and Highland Drive’s parking (Column, “SLO County Hike of the Week: Bishop Peak,” July 11), I am disappointed in your reporting research.

Have you spent any time trying to maneuver your way up there on a busy day?

What should have been reported is that Highland Drive is a narrow and dangerous street.

There is no sidewalk, and trees and brush do not allow a walker to step off the street.

For the drivers, the brush makes the blind curves even more dangerous. Highland Drive is an accident waiting to happen.

Several times, I have come around the blind curve near the top to suddenly see a hiker sitting on the curb or in the street with no idea they are putting themselves in danger of being run over.

Every day I drive this road, and I am terrified of having an accident or hitting someone. Hikers walk in the middle of the street, let their dogs loose and leave the car door on the street side open. At least two doors have been crunched so far this year.

Your reporter should have given a complete accounting of Highland Drive and advised the people walking or looking to park to be very, very cautious.

Felicia Cashin, San Luis Obispo