Letters to the Editor

In America, striding toward indivisibility

Thinking about the terrible situations all over the U.S. — strongly brought to focus by the tragedy in Dallas — I wish we would come together and have an organization that called itself all lives matter, starting at a grass-roots level and encompassing all other groups in a strong show of support for equality rather than all of the various and sundry groups that splinter us as a nation even more.

Politicians are not helpful. They use all of these events for their own benefit — if anything, the media is even worse, putting out information that might later come to be found as “maybe” true and heating people’s emotions to the boiling point.

I am appalled that the first black president of the U.S. is leaving office with this situation appearing (and of course I have to listen to the politicians and media to get my news) even worse than when he first took office — something many of us saw at the time as, perhaps, something that would change the racial situation for the better. It has not proven to be so.

God bless America, and make us one nation indivisible once again.

Carol Kiessig, Paso Robles