Letters to the Editor

Vineyards, agriculture in SLO County not paying their share for water

I have personally met with San Luis Obispo County officials and submitted a water plan.

It calls for flat-rate charges to vineyards and agriculture based on planted acres multiplied by a unit rate.

They currently pay nothing for water use while the rest of us pay within city limits. They are depleting our resource and profiting from their products. It seems current officials are afraid of the rich, which helps them stay in their elected seats.

The state is poised to take over by taxing us all, therefore, some paying twice and the elderly paying something they cannot afford.

The local county governments are not addressing the issue. In proposed spreadsheets of flat tables on 170 businesses, we could potentially collect more than $30 million in a growing season. This would help to fund water research such as desalination efforts.

If the elected and appointed officials continue to turn a blind eye to these businesses, we will all suffer, and these officials will then begin the finger-pointing. Someone needs to stand up and challenge the big money behind the foot dragging of our county government. Re-election is their priority. An oversight plan was also proposed. Nothing.

Gary Carr, Paso Robles