Letters to the Editor

SLO County residents, agencies shouldn’t buy Wonderful Co.’s apology

Wonderful Co. owns 1,682 acres in San Luis County. Who cares if they destroy some part of 380 of them?

Quite a few of us do. I suppose someone less cynical would be shocked that rich folks from L.A. would do this. I am not.

The world we live in has far too many people who think this sort of conduct is fine, and if you get caught — well, just throw some money at it and claim it was someone else who did it.

Complete and total manure!

They knew what was being done, they contracted to have it done and they were writing the checks!

Yes, but what of the remediation? They’re restoring the land and then donating it.

Right, I see, just buy off the agencies that have oversight.

Surely enough money will solve this?

Not for me, and hopefully not for those in county government.

There will be no more products in my pantry from the not-so Wonderful Co.

Theodore de Mont, Morro Bay