Letters to the Editor

Maintain the integrity of SLO; don’t let oak trees be uprooted

Retired Cal Poly architect and former San Luis Obispo Planning Commission member Richard Schmidt’s Local Viewpoint (“City of SLO is promoting destruction of century-old trees,” July 12) in The Tribune accurately summarized the situation around the planned 71 Palomar Ave. student apartment complex development when he wrote: “Rather than recognize this historic estate’s attributes and design a project to fit it, the developer proposes mundane Anyplace L.A. super-dense dormitory ‘apartments’ that totally ignore the site’s unique qualities and that could be better sited on any flat piece of treeless land. City planning staff, rather than urge the developer toward more site-sensitive design, align themselves with the developer’s indifference to the site and insistence on destroying it.”

San Luis Obispo City Planning staff, please maintain the integrity of the designated historic landmark Sanford house and the 51 mature trees set upon 1.3 acres in this residential northside neighborhood. Do you really believe the El Segundo-based developer 200 miles away really cares about San Luis Obispo and our residential neighborhood?

Think local, act global.

R.L. Anderson, San Luis Obispo