Letters to the Editor

I pledge to stand against Wonderful Co.

I pledge to never buy or knowingly consume an agricultural product produced by Wonderful Co. (for example, Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Citrus, Pom Wonderful) or wine from Justin Vineyards and Winery or products from other Resnick enterprises (such as Fiji Water or Teleflora). The company’s showy website, www.wonderful.com, details the Resnick holdings.

The mass destruction of picturesque oak woodlands at 750 Sleepy Farm Road, with its potentially significant harm to others, was not the act of good corporate citizens, as they claim to be on their website.

The devastation cannot be forgotten by restoring and donating the property. It strengthens my resolve.

I am fully aware I am one consumer making everyday tiny marketplace choices. However, as a community, we can make the personal commitment not to purchase or consume Wonderful Co. and Resnick brands. Together, we can make a local statement and take these products off the shelf.

Dorothy Jennings, Templeton