Letters to the Editor

Phillips 66’s arrogance will destroy the Central Coast

As a concerned resident of San Luis Obispo County, it is with great dismay that I learned that rail trains carrying heavy crude are being considered by the county to be delivered to the Mesa Refinery in Nipomo at the behest of Phillips 66.

The trains have already caused destruction and loss of life in other areas of the continent, and it is appalling to me that the oil companies and rail company involved would have the arrogance to even consider such activity in our beautiful Central Coast.

It has been said that the refinery will close, causing loss of jobs, if this permit is not approved.

It turns out to be a big lie.

It seems no operating refinery will be closed in California because restrictions make it too onerous to build new ones.

Also, they complained of lack of oil to refine. Yet, it seems that the refinery can be retrofitted with not great expense to refine biomass — not to mention a new source of oil coming from Price Canyon.

I hope our planning commissioners will deny this permit because we all look to them to protect our health and safety.

Laura Sheehan, Arroyo Grande