Letters to the Editor

SLO County sheriff shows no respect for those killed by police

Like many San Luis Obispo County residents, we were shaken by the news out of Dallas and dismayed by the gun violence across the nation over the past few months.

SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s public statement was both inappropriate and tone deaf.

He flippantly dismisses the tragic death of Philando Castile at the hands of a police officer.

As a leader in law enforcement, Sheriff Parkinson should be concerned with the disproportionate rate at which black men are killed by police.

In addition, he urged representatives to be completely passive and not pursue gun reform. He has consistently used tragedies to push his extreme pro-gun agenda.

Sheriff Parkinson’s views on gun laws and apparent apathy toward police brutality reflect poorly on the county.

Finally, as you grieve for the families in Dallas, show some empathy for the families in St. Paul, Baton Rouge, Staten Island, Baltimore, Cleveland, Oakland, Chicago and Ferguson.

Adrienne Garcia and Andrew Specht, Arroyo Grande